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Sixty Domed Mosque
The Sixty Pillar Mosque (the Shat Gambuj), in Bagerhat in south Bangladesh, on the eastern bank of a sweet water tank or pond (the takur dighi) is one of the oldest mosques in the country and is described as "historic mosque representing the Golden Era of Muslim Bengal".[13] It is laid is over an area of 160 feet (49 m) by 108 feet (33 m). The mosque is unique in that it has 60 pillars that support 77 exquisitely curved "low squat domes" that have worn away over time; it has seven central domes that are four-sided and built in Bengali style. It was established in 1440 by Khan Jahan Ali. LOCATION: BAGERHAT SADAR, BAGERHAT, Bangladesh ROAD: POSTCODE: FUNDER: Ulug Khan Jahan TAGS: Shat Gombuj Masjid, Sixty Pillar, Sixty Dome Mosque, Bagerhat, Khan Jahan, Ali DIRECTION: REFERENCE: MORE INFO: SIMILAR SITE:
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Sixty Domed Mosque